Testimonies and Comments

Actual, word for word, comments of ex residents:

“I’ll never forget – C was just so friendly – and then we came to the house – and then… and I felt very at ease and I felt at home, I don’t know  – my insides that was knotted at the correctional centre – was actually, it wasn’t there.”

“The halfway house helped me a lot. Firstly I was welcomed, the people care a lot and I felt supported. I knew there were people who cared about me, that loved me because I was so used to people telling me that I just don’t want to come right.”

“Because there was help, support  – we did get clothes. No, they say you can’t pay because you don’t work or so, then you still got your food and your bed. Ja (yes) – that was really a lot for me.”

“Well because I came out of prison – I did a course – a nursing course, when people know you come out of prison then some people just shut the doors in your face. They made it possible for me to do that course.”

“I found out what I liked doing at the halfway house.”

“It made me feel good and it made me … and … I felt like –  umm  – I can do it – you know – and maybe there is something in here when I
thought there’s nothing.”           

“And that was very special to me because they also saw something – a leadership skill that actually motivated me to study.”

“Nee (no) all the way I got 100 percent – all the way.”

“So they said to me, ‘No, no, this is the job you have to do now’, and then they made me the senior of the clinic. It’s actually the mini hospital – they made me a senior there.”